Short Term Strategy and Support

Imagine having someone on your team who could:

  • Hold the big picture vision, whilst also breaking down the individual steps and tasks to complete projects.
  • Take care of ALL the day to day details.
  • Improve and implement streamlined and efficient systems along the way.

Some things I can help with:

  • Advising and establishing the setup of systems and automations.
  • Identifying team structure and hiring needs.
  • How to implement systems in your business that work for you

You may need my help if:

  • You are in the beginning stages of business, seeing some success but doing ALL the things yourself, and struggling to get anything setup to run in a sustainable way.
  • You are growing fast, but have zero or minimal systems in place to support you.
  • You have some team support, but are still missing some key people.
  • You have a team in place, but feel like you spend all of your time managing them.
  • You are ready to scale, but are still attached to a lot of the ‘doing’ or management tasks within the business.

How I can work with you:

1:1 Strategy Session with Mel

A 60 minute session to dive into your business systems and team, and develop a strategy specific to you, to get you moving forward. 


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