Connect with Mel 1 hour Session

An opportunity to connect with me directly for 1 hour of focussed time on you and your business.

If you are unsure where to start, or if you just need advice on a specific topic, this 1 hour session is perfect for you.


This session is great if you:

  • Need advice on online tech systems and the best solutions for your needs
  • Are wanting a starting place to talk online business strategy. For specific systems (like scheduling, membership platforms, project management etc), program/service launches and delivery
  • Need direction or clarity on your next steps - If you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure of your next move on a specific project or in general, we can tease out details and create an action plan that you’ll leaving you feeling excited and energised (that’s why you want to do it after all isn’t it?)
  • Just want to ask me a bunch of random questions ;)

You are also welcome to include your relevant team members on this call if you wish - eg your existing VA.

What you'll get from this session:

1 hour of my time live on Zoom

Optional pre-session survey so that we make the most of our time together

A recap of our session including any recommendations / plans we discussed

A recording of the call will also be provided for your reference so you can relax into the session without worrying about taking notes / missing anything

What this session isn't:

  • I don’t believe in cookie cutter approaches or one-size-fits-all for anything in business! So this session is 100% tailored to you and what you need. We’ll dive right in to shift things for you fast
  • A sales pitch to a higher offering! This is simply an opportunity to chat through whatever you need for an hour and pick my brain. Your 1 hour session time will be solely focussed on delivering value. If you are seeking further support and are open to it then we can discuss ways to work together afterwards. If you get everything you need from our 1 hour together, fabulous!

A bit about me

With over a decade of experience in building teams and systems, and 5 years specifically in the online space, I bring a level of experience that. Having managed multi-six figure launches from strategy through to program delivery and review, I have a vast amount of knowledge in what works and the best way to implement tech, systems and automations. Naturally a ‘connect the dots’ person, I love nothing more than taking in large amounts of information, and turning it into an actionable plan. 

My practical experience is coupled with strong intuition and an ability to see/feel into gaps.

These sessions are one of my favourite things to do. I look forward to connecting with you.

Mel x

Usually $199

Bookings made before Friday 30th July $100 off!

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1 hour Zoom call

Recording provided


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