5 Ways to Re-Purpose Your Webinar

content creation Jan 11, 2019

Almost every business I have worked with has massively underestimated the amount of content they have available to leverage through re-purposing. A webinar is an example of content that can be used in a variety of ways, long after the live event.

You spend a fair bit of time and effort putting together the content for your webinar.  And hopefully you saw great results from your efforts in connecting with your audience and sharing your message!  

I'm all about working smarter not harder, so even though the webinar is now done, you can still continue to get massive amounts of value by re-purposing that content that you've already created.  Here are 5 suggestions of how you could make the most of that content:


1. Create an Audio / Podcast

Strip the audio component of your webinar recording and create an audio file or even turn it in to a Podcast episode.


2. Create an Evergreen Automated Webinar

Utilize your webinar recording again and again by setting it up as an evergreen automated webinar.  Run regular webinars for your audience, without actually having to present your webinar every time! I recommend EasyWebinar  


3. Transcribe the Content

Have the webinar recording transcribed and then use the written content: as a pdf guide, blog post, e-book etc. I recommend REV.com for fast and easy transcription turn-around.


4. Edit the Recorded Video

Edit your webinar recording so that you can use it as either a free option or paid product (edit to remove any time specific offers or irrelevant pieces).

Also consider create a series of shorter video's, again to utilize as an option or product (this works really well for webinars that go through a certain number of steps, eg. a webinar on "3 Steps to Starting an Online Business" could be re-purposed to create a 3 part mini video series.


5. Create a Guide / Handout

If you used slides for your presentation, convert the relevant ones in to a PDF and use as a guide, single handouts etc.  Great for options, as a bonus or a content upgrade.


These are all simple ways to leverage your webinar content, and could all be completed by a VA for you! Implement more than one of these suggestions to really get the most out of your content.



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